Confident Kids

Welcome to Confident Kids!

As a young business, we are currently developing our website whilst beginning to roll out our workshops to enhance child confidence and resilience.

In this increasingly complex, uncertain and technology driven world, our children continue to get older at a younger age. So confidence and resilience have never been more important.

Confident Kids helps 10-11 year olds to understand and adopt the principles and practices of confident and resilient people. Through a series of dynamic, interactive and fun workshops, the children learn through ‘doing’ and quickly develop the skills, understanding and confidence to:

We are committed to positive mental health for children in Primary years and to helping equip them with confidence for life. We work through schools and independently, with groups or individual children. To discuss your needs, please contact Caroline Cooper.

Confident Kids Ltd, Buckinghamshire
T: 07949 051503

We are a supporter of Young Minds, the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people, and intend to donate a % of profits annually to this cause.